Act of God: Extreme weather conditions or unexpected natural occurrences that could affect the promptness of our service.

Average Performance Time: Because we believe that what you measure you improve, we’ve made a point of measuring how long it takes us to fulfill your orders and calculated our average performance time for each of our services. Although we promise delivery within specified time periods, our Average Performance Time for our 30-Minute service is 20 minutes and our Average Performance Time for our 90-Minute service is 60 minutes.

Bonded: Certified by an insurance company, a guarantee of trustworthiness and integrity. A fidelity bond is a form of protection that covers you for losses that you incur as a result of fraudulent acts by specified individuals. It usually insures a business for losses caused by the dishonest acts of its employees.

Carbon Footprint: A measure of the impact our activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide we generate.

Default Setting: The information that automatically appears on your computer screen when you log on to our website. For your convenience, we have programmed your name, company name and address (point of origin) as default settings on our order page.

Destination: The address that you send us to for delivery.

Fuel and Maintenance Surcharge: A variable compensation based on fuel fluctuations and added related costs to service and maintain vehicles.

GKA: The Greater Kingston Area, bounded by Lake Ontario to the south, Unity Road to the north, Coronation Blvd. to the west and Abby Dawn Road at County Road #2 to the east.

Insured: Protected by a valid, up-to-date Commercial General Liability insurance policy.

Insured Auto: All of our vehicles are fully insured by Commercial Auto Fleet Liability to protect you and your business should an accident occur while we’re processing your order.

Local Service: Service within the GKA.

PID: Package IDentification, is a number we assign to each item which goes through our custody. This allows you to monitor the progress of your order with our Track Active Shipping system.

Point of Origin: The address from which you want us to pick up. This will usually be your office, but can be an other location.

Service: Urgent 30-Minute Service. Our super-fast premium service option. We’ll deliver your item to its destination within 30 minutes of the time you place your order.

Service: Standard 90-Minute Service. Our standard service option. We’ll deliver your item to its destination within 90 minutes of the time you place your order.

Service: Econo Next-Day. Our low-price, non-urgent service option. Place your order today by 5:00 p.m., and we’ll deliver it by 5:00 p.m. the next day.

Service: Regional-Direct. Deliveries and pick-ups to areas outside the GKA. Fees are calculated by kilometrage as indicated by Google Maps. We only use the one-way distance to calculate the fee.

Toyota Yaris: Rated the most fuel-efficient subcompact car on the market today by the Federal Government’s EnerGuide rating. The Yaris is one the cars we use in our fleet.

Undeliverable Item: If there is no one available at the destination address to receive your delivery (when signature is required), or if the address does not exist, or if the item was refused by the intended recipient, we’ll declare the item undeliverable and return it to you at your cost.

Wait Time: The time we spend waiting to process your order, either at the point of origin or the destination. All orders include 15 minutes of wait time.