For You

Who handles your important documents and parcels?
We perform a thorough background check on each of our couriers, including reference checks, police report and driver abstract. We also supply each courier with in-class and in-car training and supervision. That’s how we ensure that your shipments are handled with the utmost respect and delivered promptly and courteously.


All GO vehicles and drivers are covered with proper commercial auto liability insurance, protecting you from expensive damages should an incident occur while we’re processing your order..


Using GO is an economical alternative to making your own deliveries. To calculate the cost of making your own deliveries, take the deliverer’s hourly wage and multiply by .5 x 2. It takes approximately .5 hours to make a delivery. The x 2 is for the lost productivity while staff was out delivering. Then add the cost of vehicle, fuel, maintenance, and insurance.

We’re just as efficient on-line as we are over the phone. All of our ordering procedures require no more than three clicks.


We believe that it’s not enough to promise high standards. We have to deliver on them. That’s why we’ve gone to the trouble of measuring our performance. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

  • Our documented average performance for the Urgent 30-Minute Service is 20 minutes.
  • Our documented average performance for the Standard 90-Minute Service is 60 minutes.

Reflected Professionalism

We understand that our service is an extension of your service. That’s why me make sure that our drivers are prompt, courteous, well-groomed and carry themselves with the same professionalism you extend to your customers..

Peace of Mind

Did you know that one in five packages sent by courier can’t be delivered because of illegible handwriting and improperly transcribed address information? Because all of our systems are fully automated, you can rest assured that your package will make it to its destination.